Fire Department

The Port Blandford Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency services to the municipality. The department was formed on October 7, 1974 by 20 local members and a limited amount of equipment, including an extension ladder, a fire axe, a portable pump and 500 feet of hose. A wooden box was built to store the hoses and in the event of a fire the first person with a truck to pass by the Fire Hall would load the supplies aboard their vehicle. The following year the department received a GMC 1975 intermediate pumper truck, which is still active to this day. In addition, the department has had several emergency vans that carry extra supplies and bunker gear, and in 2006, the department took delivery of a new Freightliner triple combination pumper.

Volunteer membership is available to citizens at 18 years of age and older who are willing to donate some time and talents to helping the community. Applications are available at the Town Office and all active members are expected to attend all meetings and training sessions whenever possible.

As of the summer of 2017, the members of the fire department include:

Fire Chief: Alvin WhiteFireman 40th

First Assistant Chief: Andrew Oldford

Second Assistant Chief: Jim Perry


Secretary/Treasurer: Clyde Oldford


Paul Chatman

Ray Chatman

Tony Elliott

Megan Garrett

Lenny Green

Brandon Greening

Robert Greening

Sheldon Greening

Christopher Harris

William Harris

Jonathan Lethbridge

Kirk Kirby

Scott Osmond

P.J. Pelley

Paul Pelley

Shannon Penney

Nick St. Hilaire

Toni Stagg

Tony Stagg

Blaine Tucker

Jordan White


Honourary Members:

Randy Chatman

Vida Greening

Donovan Holloway

Murley Holloway

Roland Keats

Charles Pardy


Members Gone But Not Forgotten:

Leo Adams

Ernest Clouter

Walter Garrett

Cyril Greening

Wilfred Hobbs

Roy Kirby

David Skiffington

Gerald White

Zackary White


Fire Chiefs:

2014 – Present           Alvin White

2011 – 2014                Kirk Kirby

1995 – 2010                Winston Peddle

1992 – 1994                 William Harris

1984 – 1991                 Gerald White

1981 – 1983                 Roy Kirby

1980 – 1980                Randolph Greening

1979 – 1979                Carl Greening

1977 – 1978                Randolph Greening

1974 – 1976                Roy Kirby


Fireman of the Year

Donated in Memory of Fire Chief Gerald White

2017    Andrew Oldford

2016    David Skiffington and Zachary White

2015    Andrew Oldford

2014    Alvin White

2013    Robert Greening

2012    Walter Greening

2011    Paul Chatman

2010    Winston Peddle

2009    Ray Chatman

2008    Alvin White

2007    Paul Chatman

2006    Winston Peddle

2005    Kirk Kirby

2004    David Skiffington

2003    Paul Chatman

2002    Arthur Chatman, Ray Chatman, Shannon Penney, Jim Perry and Alvin White

2001    Winston Peddle

2000    Donovan Holloway

1999    Christopher Harris

1998    Kirk Kirby

1997    Dean Peddle

1996    Juanita Holloway

1995    Randolph Greening

1994    Donovan Holloway

1993    Randolph Greening

1992    Winston Peddle

1991    Alvin White

1990    Jim Perry


Special Awards

On June 29, 2003 at the Annual Fire Chiefs & Firefighters Convention, special awards were presented to five firemen from the Port Blandford Volunteer Fire Department who helped save Mr. Michael Carroll who was trapped in a vehicle which had plunged into the Southwest River on the Trans Canada Highway at 3:00pm on January 2, 2002. The five members were Arthur Chatman, Ray Chatman, Shannon Penney, Jim Perry and Alvin White.